Regroups @ Redemption: Following Jesus Together

slidesharere'group; VERB: 

1. to reassemble or cause to reassemble into organized groups

The Church is all about relationships.  Our relationship with God and with one another.  The church, by God’s design, is meant to be an interdependent family who encourages, challenges, and cares for one another.  Christians grow in their relationship with God through loving, knowing, and obeying His Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit, with other believers. Our small group gatherings will facilitate being, making, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ through authentic relationships, serving together, and applying God’s Word to our lives.

If you’d like to have one of our Regroup leaders reach out to you, please contact them via the Contact link below:


    • Brian + Sarah Robertson
    •   Alternate Calendar   Every other Sunday | 4:30 - 6:30pm
    • mapLocation: Lake Loveland area
    • emailContact: Sarah Robertson
    • Rythym & Focus: meets every other week

    • Ty + Ashley Dannenbring, Dan + Ally Griffin
    •   Alternate Calendar  Wednesday | 5:00-7:00pm
    • mapLocation: Southwest Loveland
    • emailContact: Ty Dannenbring
    • Rhythm: 1st week-all together, 2nd week: Women only, 3rd week: All together, 4th week: Men only
  • Wednesday: Shaw + Pollock Regroup

    • Landon + Allie Shaw, Kyle + Lexi Pollock
    •   Alternate Calendar  Wednesday | 5:30 - 7:00pm
    • mapLocation: Northwest Loveland
    • emailContact: Kyle Pollock
    • Rhythm: 1st week: All together | 2nd week: Women only | 3rd week: All together | 4th week: Men only
  • Wednesday: nuffer + McCool regroup

    • Jordan + Neoma Nuffer, Jack + Kayla McCool
    •   Alternate Calendar   Wednesday | 6:00 - 7:30 pm
    • mapLocation: Varies around Loveland
    • emailContact: Jordan Nuffer
    • Rhythm: All together every week
  • wednesday: dillon regroup

    • Jim + Jill Dillon
    •   Alternate Calendar   Wednesday | 6:30 - 8:00pm
    • mapLocation: Varies throughout Loveland
    • emailContact: Jim Dillon
    • Rhythm: 1st week: Men only | 2nd week: Women only | 3rd week: All together  | 4th week: One-on-One small groups
  • thursday: erickson + Hummel regroup

    • Garrett + Sara Erickson, Nathan + Hollie Hummel
    •   Alternate Calendar   Thursday | see rhythm below for times
    • mapLocation: East Loveland / West Windsor
    • Rhythm: 3-week rotation of Men--Women--All together. Men/Women weeks meet 7:15-9:00pm, All-together weeks meet 6:00-8:00pm
    • emailContact: Garrett Erickson
  • thursday: briggs + Dillon Regroup

    • Nate + Janice Briggs, Jeff + Becca Dillon
    •  Alternate Calendar  Thursday | 5:15-7:45pm
    • mapLocation: Varies around Loveland
    • Rythym & Focus: meets every other Thursday, opposite Kids Club meetings. Most group members are also volunteers with the Kids Club ministry
    • emailContact: Nate Briggs