Pastor + Leadership Institute

Here at Redemption, we have a driving passion for raising up leaders within the context of the local church.  

This is why we have a church-based ministry training program: to meet the real need for training, and yet to do it in real-time, with minimal cost.

The Pastor and Leadership Institute is an interactive 2-year program, where we grow in Christlike character, engage in hands-on learning, and strive to more faithfully live out Jesus' mission to make disciples.  These groups have historically been between 2-10 participants, where we come together to wrestle through life, ministry, theology, and much more.

PLI class members can expect to:

  • Grow in Biblical knowledge + application
  • Mature in servant leadership
  • Develop a Biblical philosophy of ministry
  • Learn how to lead yourself and your family towards Christ
  • Discover your ministry gifting and passions
  • Leadership in the home + the church
  • Acquire the ministry skills needed to shepherd others well

Please contact Greg Pugh at: