Pastor + Leadership Institute

Here at Redemption, we have a driving passion to raise up leaders within the context of the local church.  We believe in Jesus’ hands-on approach to making disciples, and raising up disciple makers, who will faithfully use their gifts and talents to bless and mature the Body of Christ.  While there are many benefits to formal seminary, not everyone has the time or financial ability to take this route.   And that is why we have a church-based ministry training program:

to meet the real need for training, and yet to do it in real time, with minimal cost.  

The Pastor and Leadership Institute is a interactive 2 year program, where we grow in Christlike character, engage in hands on learning, and strive to more faithfully live out Jesus' mission to make disciples.  These groups have historically been between 2-10 participants, where we come together to wrestle through life, ministry, theology, and much more.

During the program, you can expect to...

  • Mature in servant leadership
  • Grow in Biblical Knowledge + Application
  • Develop a Biblical philosophy of ministry
  • Learn how to lead yourself and your family towards Christ
  • Discover your ministry gifting and passions
  • Leadership in the Home + the Church
  • Acquire the ministry skills needed to shepherd others well

If you have interest in participating in the next round of Pastor + Leadership Institute, please contact Matt Brown at: