Pastoral Leadership at Redemption Church

We are committed to raising up leaders through equipping and empower leaders within the church in light of their character and God-given giftedness.  

While there are a variety of leadership roles within the church, there are a few that are clearly define in the Bible.

  • Plurality of Pastors: We are committed to providing the church with a plurality of pastoral leadership, which we believe is the model put forth in Scripture.

Throughout the scriptures we see God entrusting leadership to groups of qualified men.  There is recognition that as a general rule of thumb, God’s desire is to manifest His grace upon a plurality of interdependent leaders (Acts 14:21-23). As pastors, these men are mutually accountable to one another in love, functioning within their given areas of giftedness and emphasis.  We believe that humble men can and should serve together with equal authority and in subjection to one another but with freedom to identify God given roles and gifting on the team.  For example, while titles are not our emphasis, these biblical gifts can lead to identifiers on a team such as teaching pastor, small groups pastor, or lead pastor.

  • Role of Pastors (Elders): Pastors are men, called to lead the church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to be examples through a life of continual growth in godliness and to shepherd God's people in His Word and ways.

In the power of the Holy Spirit shepherds are to lead the body of Christ through equipping God’s people in God’s Word for the work of the ministry.  They are to be devoted to the Word of God and to Prayer and set an example in doctrine, life, and godliness for the church to follow.  They are to be leaders, who are devoted to the cause of Christ, out of love for Him.  (Acts 6:4; Ephesians 4:12; 1 Peter 5:1-3)

Redemption's Pastoral Team

  • :: JEFF DILLON ::

    Jeff and Becca are both Colorado natives, who met after college. They have been married 7 years and have three little girls. They have worked alongside each other for the last decade in orphan care and other non-profit ministries. They have traveled overseas and across the country advocating for vulnerable children and equipping the local church to serve and love those in need. In June of 2015, they felt God's call to serve the local church and joined the Redemption planting team. Jeff recently completed the Pastors and Leaders Institute at Redemption. He works full-time as executive pastor, providing oversight over logistical needs of the church as well as the Redemption Kids ministry.

    • he’s passionate about caring for and supporting others, especially "the least of these," while also enjoying time with his family and catching the occasional baseball game…
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  • :: GREG PUGH ::

    Greg + Cheri arrived in Colorado with a team of people to plant a church in Montrose, CO in 2004 after 18 years of student ministries. In tow were 4 kids who are now all adults (the oldest now married). They met in Illinois while Greg was in seminary (TEDS). After planting Cedar Creek Church, Greg became a district church planting director, sensing God's call to multiply disciple-making leaders. He and Cheri moved to Loveland in 2015 to help with another plant and return to local church ministry with the same call to raise up leaders. Currently, he oversees Regroup ministry at Redemption.

    • Greg is passionate about making disciples, following the example provided in the Gospels, of the life of Christ. He is also quite grateful for the gift of his much more loving and gracious wife, Cheri.
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  • :: NATE TYLER ::

    While not Colorado natives, Nate and Katie almost immediately felt at home in Loveland, Colorado when they moved here in 2013 from the southeast.  They have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, and believe that Loveland is an awesome place to raise a family and they love this city.  They grew up in ministry together and have been married since 2004.  Nate felt the call to pastoral ministry in 6th grade and has spent most of his adult life pursuing training and education to that end.  He has a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies and also studied at Southeastern Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina - working on his MDiv, prior to feeling called to Colorado.  He spent the past 2 years walking through the Pastor and Leadership Institute within the Crossway Chapel Network and is currently overseeing the Connect ministry at Redemption Church, as well as a part of the preaching & teaching team.  

    • Nate is passionate about the preaching and teaching of the Word and loves to communicate the truth & hope of the Gospel.  He also loves spending time recharging with his family and cooking as often as he gets the chance!
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    Jason & Wendy both grew up in Colorado's Front Range, attended Colorado State University and met through Mountain View Community Church's college ministry on campus. They've been married 13 years, welcomed one daughter, adopted one son and are currently Foster Parents to other kiddos God brings to their home. Jason completed the Pastors Institute at Mountain View  in 2008 and has since felt a clear call towards shepherding Pastoral ministry. With 10 years in ministry, he's as passionate as ever to seeing people grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the avenue of Biblical community. He currently works as a Physician Assistant in Loveland, and was recognized by Mountain View, our sending church, as a bi-vocational Pastor of Redemption in June 2015.

    • he's a gentle giant who counsels with wisdom & grace through the Holy Spirit's power (and yes, he's really 6'7" and no he never played basketball; just to answer the inevitable!)
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Deacons: Servant Leaders

  • Role of Deacons (Servants):

The word deacon means servant.  Jesus said the greatest among you will be servants of all.  Hence the role of deacon is highly honored and valued in God’s sight and in the eyes of the church.  A deacon leads the church body in being a model servant and meeting the tangible needs of the church.  (Acts 6:1-3; 5-7)

  • Deacon Qualifications:  Deacons have similar qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:8-12

Redemption's Deacons

  • andy warner

    Financial Deacon

  • tim willms

    Lead Deacon